Memberarea 0.6


So that you do not always see only text and could not grasp exactly what happens here so.

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Shirty Shirts Windows Tool Announcement


There may also be people among you who would like to have control over your automated design releases and don't trust cloud services directly.

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Release Notes Website 1.0.8 + Memberarea 0.5


This time there are not only website updates, but also for the member area which should be clearly separated from the actual website.

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Release Notes Website 1.0.7


Today we did some updates on the server + website again.

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Release Notes Website 1.0.5


Today we did some updates, fixed some bugs and added a bigger feature.

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Release Notes Website 1.0


This is now the first news about the live release of the site This only means that the website is online. The actual automation service tool is still in development and needs some time.

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[PartOne] My Merch by Amazon Journey


My journey begins with the application for a Merch By Amazon account. Because you can't just register here and create your Merch directly. You have to earn it, so to speak, like in a job.

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