Spreadshirt Updated Terms & Condition for March

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Spreadshirt Updated Terms & Condition for March

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Next month, more precisely on 02 March, Spreadshirt will introduce a new pricing model. You can read about what this means here.

Marketplace Designs

There will be fixed fees for marketplace designs. You can find a listing here.
For example, there is a $4.00 reward for a men's premium t-shirt on the internal marketplace.


In the shop the prices are defined by the amount of the customer prices.
More details can be found in the partner area of the site. There you can already find recommendations for prices.

In short, this simply means that the prices will be unified and you won't see any more mega high prices in the near future.
Most of the t-shirts for example sell in the $3.00 range according to our experience.

Of course we have to adapt our scripts to this, but that shouldn't be a problem.

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