Release Notes Website 1.0.8 + Memberarea 0.5

Shirty News

Release Notes Website 1.0.8 + Memberarea 0.5

93 Development

This time there are not only website updates, but also for the member area which should be clearly separated from the actual website.

Below you will find the adjustments + news



  • Preparation of 2 factor authentication (Website / Memberarea / Backend)
  • Added Dashboard Extension (for Admins only)
  • If designs are removed, related images are removed from server (completely)


  • Menu active states for memberarea
  • Added the right Tstamp format for designs in the memberarea
  • Find Rand Publish server database fix
  • Removed image sitemap
  • Fixed empty search page (without search term)


  • Add multiple CSP sources for security reasons
  • 403 Handling for Website / Member area
  • Refactored the javascript code for the member area