[PartOne] My Merch by Amazon Journey

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[PartOne] My Merch by Amazon Journey

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My journey begins with the application for a Merch By Amazon account. Because you can't just register here and create your Merch directly. You have to earn it, so to speak, like in a job.

But before we go any further, what is Merch by Amazon? It's a great and, in my opinion, mature print-on-demand service (POD) from mail order company Amazon.

In this service you can upload designs for T-shirts, specialize in niches with descriptions and keywords and thus reach millions of customers at Amazon Online.

Amazon Resources

At this point I also like to refer to the resources page of Amazon itself. Here you'll find enough information to get started, and we'll also publish news and articles.


But now to the actual part of this article.

In order to be successful at this promising marketing place, we have to "apply" properly. That means when you register or shortly after you have to explain to Amazon why you want to put designs online at all and whether you are a company or a private person.

I started here as a small designer and private person. With my information why I want to do the whole thing, I have remained 100% honest, of course, because it brings nothing to invent anything.

Sooner or later there will be trouble :).

Now that I had submitted all the details and my application, I had to wait, wait and wait again.

According to Amazon, such an application phase can take up to 14 days.

In the meantime, I've been thinking about the strategies and of course which designs I should put online. As tools I created the following list:

  • For creating the designs => Photoshop (yes I have a licensed version)
  • For keyword research => Google Keywordplaner
  • For researching the right niche => the ShirtyShirts niche finder tool in the alpha version

Merch By Amazon activated
I knew now by my research already in advance that I should serve for the beginning approx. 4 niches. Because you can only put 10 t-shirt designs online in the first Tier. More about that later!

After one week and one day I was activated.

It goes on in part II.