My t shirt merchandise Spreadshirt Journey 2019 - 2020

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My t shirt merchandise Spreadshirt Journey 2019 - 2020

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Can you earn money with t shirt merchandise at Spreadshirt? Among other things, I looked into this topic and did the long-term test.

Money with a part-time job that might one day become your main income and run on autopilot? A dream for every person who is even a little bit interested in the topic.
But is this also possible and how much do I have to invest?

In fact, there are several t shirt merchandise vendors in the business and you need to think about what you are aiming for and how much profit you want to make with given effort.

This is the question I have researched and dealt with in January 2019. In my research I aimed primarily for the fast money.

Which provider?

So with which provider I can earn something quickly (not much). The service provider Spreadshirt was suggested to me again and again.

At some point, I decided to investigate this one a bit more closely. I noticed that Spreadshirt is represented in many countries and offers 3 different sources for sales.

With this provider you could quickly register and start designing or selling. So I was looking for something like that. The disadvantage with this provider is still the profit margin.

At that time even more than today, but you just earn a fraction of a sold t shirt or sweater.

At first I didn't care about that, as long as it was money on the side.

Let's get started!

So I started to come up with ideas for designs and opened my good Photoshop to let my imagination run wild. I worked on new designs almost every day and focused on quantity instead of quality (mainly because of the profit margins).

Within a few months I had accepted about 300 designs online and through support (every design is checked for copyright infringement). By the way, I already had the first sale in February 2019.

Of course there were also some designs that were rejected, but that was rather the rarity. After these about 300 designs I realized that I would like to scale it (to more providers).

It's time to change our mindset!!

But every time I had to enter everything anew, upload designs, make settings etc., I didn't really feel like it. It should be possible to automate this, was my idea. Yes and that's why there is Shirty Shirts merch automation :).

The income

But back to the journey, you surely want to know how it went on with the 300 designs best merchandise. To make it short, I paused and waited for the stats. How much have I now sold with this effort?

The following list gives a short overview, then I write down some additional measures I took (or not).


MonthSold designsEffortMiscellaneous
January0Uploaded 35 Designs-
Febuary1Uploaded 33 Designs-
March1Uploaded 36 Designs-
April0Uploaded 32 Designs-
May0Uploaded 33 Designs-
June1Uploaded 37 Designs-
July0Uploaded 30 Designs-
August0Uploaded 31 Designs-
September0Uploaded 33 DesignsKeyword Research + adjusting my designs


For the remaining months until 2020, no sales were possible again. I did not publish any more designs or take care of the marketing.

In the new year I got new momentum and optimized more keywords and descriptions. However, no further design uploads were made (due to my work on Shirty Shirts Merch Automation).

A way more sales!!

But the numbers have definitely improved. You can have a look for yourself.
Of course, one shouldn't forget the Corona crisis which also paralysed production at Spreadshirt.


MonthSold designsEffortMiscellaneous
January2-Keyword Research + adjusting my designs
Febuary3-Keyword Research + adjusting my designs



As you can see, a passive income type has formed without me doing much afterwards. Of course you can scale much bigger and earn more with the appropriate effort.

But first I would like to optimize processes and build shirty shirts with your help.

On which we all can build a passive income :).