Memberarea 0.85

Shirty News

Memberarea 0.85

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Christmas was very relaxing and a lot was done again.

Our devs were very efficient again, so we have many new news.

The following things have happened:

  • Two factor authentication for the backend
  • Backend dashboard
  • 403 Handling
  • English format fixes
  • Refactor JavaScript Code for Memberarea
  • Extended robots.txt
  • Newsletter Subject changed
  • Related News Bullet fix
  • Add padding to news count, search, no news found
  • Disable sitemap for images temp
  • Update to newer cms core version
  • Add new translations
  • Profile editing with ajax
  • Block area loading
  • Login with user (before email)
  • Show nickname in news
  • Extend pages with new icons
  • Servertime Clock in Memberarea
  • Add API Key for later
  • Add Scheduled Area

Design Publisher

The Design Publisher was revised once again because we had received negative results from many tests.