Merch By Amazon News: Publishing Update USA


As most people have already noticed in the last Merch By Amazon Publisher update, the USA production was inactive until recently. Now there is something new.

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My t shirt merchandise Spreadshirt Journey 2019 - 2020


Can you earn money with t shirt merchandise at Spreadshirt? Among other things, I looked into this topic and did the long-term test.

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Merch By Amazon News

Merch By Amazon News: Publishing Update Germany + Great Britain


As you all probably noticed, Merch By Amazon was paralyzed by the COVID-19 crisis and shut down production accordingly. Now there are finally new news.

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COVID-19 Info


Read our COVID-19 News

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Spreadshirt Updated Terms & Condition for March


Next month, more precisely on 02 March, Spreadshirt will introduce a new pricing model. You can read about what this means here.

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Community Board


Of course, we also do not want to close ourselves off to the community and the possibilities through collaboration.

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Memberarea 0.85


Christmas was very relaxing and a lot was done again.

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Memberarea 0.8


Christmas is approaching and we are already in the best holiday mood. But there is still a lot to do :).

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Memberarea 0.75


We are busy again and give you some information about what we are currently doing.

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Memberarea 0.7


Currently, we are strongly developing the actual functionality of our service, i.e. publishing the designs on the various platforms.

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