• Merch automation for t shirt merchandise is our top goal! T shirt marketing can be improved.

    Our focus is on the merch automation of all online t shirt merchandise processes. As example: Auto Deployment to Spreadshirt or Merch by Amazon. At the moment we are still in the development process.

What is merch automation?

In a nutshell? Automation of relevant processes in the T-shirt business.
Upload designs and publish from anywhere with the Design Publisher
Check your designs for trademark infringements with the Trademark Checker
Be notified of rejections or publications with the Design Watcher

News / Articles

Here you find the latest news and articles around ShirtyShirts
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Merch By Amazon News: Publishing Update USA



As most people have already noticed in the last Merch By Amazon Publisher update, the USA production was inactive until recently. Now there is…

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My t shirt merchandise Spreadshirt Journey 2019 - 2020



Can you earn money with t shirt merchandise at Spreadshirt? Among other things, I looked into this topic and did the long-term test.

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Merch By Amazon News: Publishing Update Germany + Great Britain



As you all probably noticed, Merch By Amazon was paralyzed by the COVID-19 crisis and shut down production accordingly. Now there are finally new…

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Mobility is a top priority

Design everywhere, upload everywhere, publish everywhere
When creating Shirty Shirts automation tools, we put the biggest focus on mobility. That means you can even upload, edit, publish and watch your designs on the go.

Quite in contrast to the competition ;)

Supported providers

We will support at least the following providers in the automation process
Spreadshirt US Provider
Spreadshirt DE Provider
Merch by Amazon Provider